3 simple methods to cut kurti neck design

cutting neck design

Hello Friends, Cutting the neckline is an important  step in sewing kurti. So today we will see how to cut the neck design of kurti. The neck design or the neckline of kurti are of various shapes. The kurti neck designs starts  from basic geometric shape like square, rectangle. Other shapes like the ” U ” […]

How to cut simple kurti or kameez

how to cut simple kurti

Hello Friends, Hope you all watched  the sewing tutorial videos uploaded on our channel. Today we will see how to cut simple kurti. We all are very much familiar with the word kurti. I think the word kurti is the shorter version of kurta. Our Indian tunic was famous all over and was known as […]

How to draft sleeves pattern

how to draft sleeves pattern

In my last post we saw the pattern drafting of kurti. I also uploaded a video for it. Hope you all watched it. Today we will move further and see the drafting of sleeves. Previously also I have posted the drafting of  kurti sleeves in the post. But it was in continuation of  kurti tutorial. […]

How To Draft A Kurti Pattern

drafting kurti pattern on paper

Hello Everyone !! How’s the life moving?  Hope you all are doing well. As you all know I have started a sewing tutorials channel. Now you can watch the video and follow the method easily. Today I’ll start the video series with the drafting of kurti pattern. Well drafting a kurti , kameez is same […]

My Thread Creations Sewing Tutorials

mythreadcreations youtube channel

Hello Everyone, Today I am gonna share with you an exciting post. Well the title of the post has no clues, so can you guess what it might be ? A new sewing tutorial , or something else ? NO.. not at all. I’ll announce it. Have some patience naaaa…… 🙂 One of my subscriber […]

My new venture

buy cotton kurti

Hello Friends, Hope you all must have started sewing your dresses on your own with the help of online sewing tutorials. You know when someone writes some nice words and appreciates my efforts it just makes my day 🙂 Now a days I’m busy with my new venture. When you read the title of the […]

How to sew a shrug

Shrug pattern

Hello Readers, We all wear sleeveless tops/ tunics. But some people like me step out from home wear a shrug over it, to avoid those stupid staring eyeballs and yes of course to protect from harsh sun-rays. As I suffer from sun allergy 🙁 Yesterday an idea clicked 😉 why not post about a shrug. […]

How to make and sew a piping

piping cutting

Hi Friends, Back after such a long break isn’t it? Well, I know you must be thinking why I stopped writing blog? But you see as usual I am surrounded by one or other issues and so my blogging is sidelined 🙁 But I don’t understand why it happens with me, like when I plan […]

Necklines For Kurti and Kameez

new kurti neckline

Past one week I was thinking to post but was struck with one or other thing and couldn’t make out time for posting. So yesterday night I decided to write the post at any cost. The alarm ranged and I started my morning it was like a military drill, I was finishing chores very speedily […]

My new Abode

Sewing tutorials

Today we will start on a new, fresh note, and announcements… Welcome to the new abode of your sewing tutorials. My new avatar is in front of you all 🙂 hope you like it. I own a (.com) name now. You know past many months I was thinking to buy domain but was unable due […]